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про еду

четверг, 25 мая 2017 г.

Asari Miso Soup

Asari Miso Soup – easy Japanese miso soup with Manila clams. So briny, tasty, done in less than 15 minutes and tastes so good!
Asari Miso Soup (Miso Soup with Clams)
Serves 3 | Prep Time: 10 Mins | Cook Time: 5 Mins
3 – 4 cups water
½ block soft tofu, cut into small cubes
2 oz Buna Shimeiji mushroom
½ pound Manila Clams
2 tablespoons Dashi-flavored red or white Miso paste
Chopped scallions
Bring the water to boil. Add the soft tofu and mushroom. Add clams and boil for about 2 minutes or until all clams are open. Turn off the heat and add the miso (do not boil the miso) and stir it with chopsticks or a ladle until dissolved. Top with the chopped scallion and serve hot with steamed rice.

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